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Here are the top favorite places to get the best shave ice on Oahu. You will not be disappointed. Between the variety of flavors to their unique toppings, you'll be sure to find something every member of your family will enjoy! 1. Matsumoto. Along the North Shore is Matsumoto Shave Ice, the best shave ice in Haleiwa.

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After your shave ice, head to one of the best kid-friendly beaches in Kauai. 4. Jojo's (Hanalei) Jojo's is a hot spot in the center of Hanalei. They have an extensive menu with set flavors and the ability to create your own. Read the menu carefully, some of the flavors come with ice cream on the bottom, which is a welcome addition.

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Azuki Beans: Also known as mung beans or adzuki beans, azuki beans are a type of sweet bean often added to Hawaii desserts, including shave ice. Calamansi: A type of lime. Durian: A tropical fruit known for its horrible smell but fantastic taste. Haupia: A Hawaiian coconut cream. Kinako Powder: Roasted soybean powder.

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10 Spots to Score Kauai's Best Shave Ice. You'll find the best shave ice on Kauai walk-up windows and convenience stores across the island. Kauai's food truck scene is also a very popular place to find some of the very best Kauai shave ice. There are so many places to choose from but here are the top 10 I recommend starting with.

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Pile the shaved ice into dishes. Squeeze one syrup over half of the dish of ice and the remaining ice with the other syrup. Drizzle with the sweetened condensed milk to taste.

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Prepare ice. Whether you're using a shaved ice maker or a blender, you'll need to make or buy ice. Fill several ice trays with water, or any other liquid you want your shaved ice to taste like (and that can be frozen), and let them freeze overnight. Or purchase a bag of ice from your local grocery store. Some stores may even sell ice shaved.

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All you need is a good food processor, or an ice mold and sharp knife. For the first method, pulse ice cubes in a food processor—no more than two cups at a time—until a snow-like substance forms. For the latter method, fill and freeze a large ice mold (like this one ), and manually shave the block with a sharp chef's knife or paring knife.

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Turn on the food processor. Crank up the speed and ensure your processor is running for Step 3! Add the frozen fruit. Use the tamper to push the frozen fruit with force down into the food processor. The larger the pieces of fruit, the firmer you will need to push. Serve!

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The lines can get crazy long here so try to avoid peak times or take comfort from knowing it's going to be worth the wait. Hawaii (the Big Island) Kula Shave Ice. In Hilo, you can tell you're talking to a local when they say ice shave rather than shave ice, and at the Hilo Farmers Market you'll find my big island go-to at the Kula Shave Ice stand.

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The Competition. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine: This machine was good for snow cones, but it didn't produce the fluffy shaved ice we wanted (nor did it come with ice molds). Hawaiian S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine: This one never did turn out the promised fluffy texture of shaved ice.


Shake until granules are completely dissolved (this is VERY important as granules will not dissolve once you add the citric acid). Once granules are dissolved, add 1 ounce of liquid citric acid. Add 25 pounds of sugar and shake well until sugar is dissolved. Fill the hedpak with cold water to the five gallon mark.

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To make shave ice, get a block of frozen ice and use a shave ice machine to shave it (more about the machine below) into a bowl. And then top with syrup (usually a fruit-based syrup). Then you eat! Matcha and yuzu shave ice at Monsarrat Shave Ice (Oahu) You eat shave ice with a spoon and a straw.

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1. Make your own syrup: Simply involves Making simple syrup (sugar + water) and then adding concentrated flavor. There are tons of places online to buy fun and unique flavors. 2. Premade Snowcone Syrup: You can buy large jugs of prepared flavor syrups at restaurant supply stores in very basic flavors.

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A scoop of vanilla ice cream buried in the center of the cone as ice is added, brings a whole other dimension of flavor and texture to the shave ice experience. As you dig into the shave ice cone from the top, melting ice and flavored syrup combine with softening ice cream within the cone to created a sweet, semi-thick concoction best slurped.

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10 Spots for the Best Shave Ice on the Big Island. Below you can read about the 10 places to get the best shave ice on Big Island. It's not uncommon to hear visitors say they tried a different shave ice spot every day! But even if you only get a chance to try it once, the shave ice spots on my list will leave you satisfied. Gecko Girlz

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Some of the most recently reviewed places near me are: Hau Lani Shave Ice Cream. Pelican's Snoballs. Fruteria Y Raspados Galvez. Find the best Shave Ice near you on Yelp - see all Shave Ice open now.Explore other popular food spots near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers.

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