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For sweet red wines, it's one of two extremes in alcohol content. For wines like the famous sweet ports, you will look for a high level of alcohol. For others, such as a German Reisling or Lambrusco, seek out wines in the 8 to 11 percent ABV range. Any higher and you're looking at a drier red wine.

Sweet Red Wine Best Sweet & Medium Bodied Red Wine

9. Black Muscat. Not quite as sweet or boozy as Port, black Muscat is a rare, sweet red wine that can be challenging to find. If you are so lucky, you can expect a highly aromatic, very sweet dessert wine with flavors of candied fruit and cinnamon. Tasting notes: candied apple, rose, violet, cinnamon. ABV: 10%.

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The Chocolate Red Wine from Chocolate Shop is an ideal sweet red wine for beginners. It has a beautiful medium red color and 12.5% alcohol. Dark chocolate and cherry are the most prominent flavors, with cocoa powder undertones. Chocolate Red Wine has a smooth finish with a residual sugar finish.

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Sweet refers to the sugar content of the wine. During the winemaking process, sugar content is achieved in two ways: 1. Residual sugar (RS): during the process of making grapes into wine, natural sugars in the grapes are turned into alcohol. If the winemaker stops the fermentation early, there is more residual sugar in the finished product.

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5) Dornfelder. Dornfelder is one of Germany's most well-known cultivated grapes, and it was created in Württemberg in the mid-1950s. Dornfelder is extremely versatile German dessert wine. It is made from the Dornfelder grape, which is a variety of red grape. This wine is sweet and fruity, with flavors of blackberry and cherry.

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Schiava. This light-bodied sweet red wine isn't made with cotton candy grapes, but it definitely tastes like one! In fact, this wine is made with an Italian grape called Schiava, which predominantly grows in Alto Adige, making it a rare sweet wine. Schiava wine, or Trollinger in Germany, is mostly dry.

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Produced in the Maury region of France's Roussillon, Maury is a fortified sweet red wine that is also made from Grenache grapes, much like Banyuls. It showcases concentrated flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spices, with a velvety texture. Maury is characterized by its pronounced sweetness, which is balanced by the wine's natural acidity.

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Sweetness in wine is measured by residual sugar. We can look at the grams of sugar per liter to get an idea of how sweet a wine is. Sauvignon Blanc and white Bordeaux blends are good examples of dry wines, while Sauternes (also made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc), late harvest Riesling, Vouvray, White Zinfandel,and Eiswein are generally sweet.

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The wine is a light ruby red color with aromas of strawberry, sweet cherry sauce, raspberry, violet and, rose candy. There are 3 official types of Brachetto d'Acqui: Brachetto d'Acqui Rosso: Basic Brachetto is playfully fizzy with 2 atmospheres of pressure (vs. 6-7 for Champagne) and is known for having low alcohol at 5.5% ABV.

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The sweetness of wine isn't just a poetic descriptor; it has precise scientific parameters. Typically, it's gauged in grams of sugar per liter of wine, often abbreviated as g/L. Here's a quick cheat sheet for those looking to decode wine labels: Dry Wines: 0-4 g/L. Off-Dry (or semi-sweet): 4-12 g/L. Sweet: 12-45 g/L.

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Best Overall: Del Professore Rosso at Wine.com (See Price) Jump to Review. Best Under $20: Tobin James Zinfandel Late Harvest at Drizly ($16) Jump to Review. Best Organic: Philip Togni Ca' Togni Sweet Red at Drizly (See Price) Jump to Review.

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Region: Anjou, Loire Valley, France | ABV: 10.5% | Tasting notes: Sweet cherries, Red currants, Rose petals . In Anjou, one of the Loire Valley's major wine-producing zones, reds and rosés made from cabernet franc are of great renown. Unlike the dry rosés of Touraine, Sancerre and other Loire-based appellations, rosés from Anjou (Rosé d'Anjou) are known for being off-dry and slightly.

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Dornfelder. Dornfelder is a German favorite! Its refreshing and fruity qualities have made it one of the best sweet red wines to look for. Dornfelder grapes are grown on steep hillside vineyards, where the sun can reach them for long periods of time and give their flavor a bold, dark fruit taste. Their full body blends nicely with the lush black currant aroma to create its classic bouquet.

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Once harvested, the frozen grapes are pressed into must, which is used to create a very concentrated and sweet wine with a relatively low ABV of around 10-12%. Because the juice is so sweet, fermentation can often take three to six months. Although the style originated in Germany, Canada is the world's largest producer today.

Sweet Walter Red. Wildly popular, Sweet Walter is a blend of Concord, Rougeon, and Baco grapes from the Finger Lakes, NY region. The manufacturers at Bully Hill Wines didn't give us the sugar content, but "it's sweet. Really sweet.". This sweetie has an 11% ABV and retails at around $10. Shop Walter Red on Vivino.

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Top 10 Sweet Red Wine Bottles To Sip 1. Brachetto d'Acqui Rosso. Average Price: Around $25 (Wine Searcher) Alcohol Content: 6% Nose: Hints of roses, dried apricots, and cotton candy Palate: Sweet, with candied apple and strawberries Star Rating: ★★★★★ Why We Like It: This Rosso is one of the best sweet reds that boasts a medley of flavors, such as notes like rose, raspberry, cotton.

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