Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

Napoleon Dragon XO Brandy for Sale at Seattle Costco YouTube

Presented in an impressive glass bottle shaped like a Dragon, the XO Brandy is produced and distilled in Languedoc, France where only a selected number of grapes achieve the standard to be included in the distillation process. The brandy is then aged in French oak casks which develops vibrant flavors of sweet vanilla, creamy toffee, brown sugar, and soft maple notes with a hint of toasted oak.

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Costco sells this Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon w/ baby for $99.99. Scroll down for photos. This just hit he shelves at Costco! I've been getting plenty of messages asking if Costco was going to sell this for the 2021 holidays.…Read More→

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Brandy & Cognac. SPIRITS STYLE. Cognac. ABV. 40 %. SKU. 234140750-1. Shop Napoleon XO Dragon Cognac at the best prices. Explore thousands of wines, spirits and beers, and shop online for delivery or pickup in a store near you.

Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

Price as of 04/21/23. Costco Napoleon XO Brandy Zodiac Signs . Item number 1590386 . Price $135.99. This is not a permanent product at Costco and is only sold for a limited time. It is a very popular product and sells out quickly every time at this location . Costco Napoleon XO Brandy Zodiac Signs .

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7. £148.99. Shipping Included. Hennessy XO Cognac, 70cl. ★★★★★. ★★★★★4.6 (16) Maximum purchase of 6. Shop our latest collection of Brandy & Cognac at Enjoy low prices on name-brand Brandy & Cognac products. Delivery is included in our price.

Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

The dragon retails for about $99 and has been spotted at Costco warehouses around the country. The thing contains a full 750-milliliter bottle of brandy, but as many of the posters point out, you're not buying it for the liquor. "Tastes like crap," said one Redditor. It comes in a big clear display case, and you have to pull out a little.

Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

If you regularly shop at Costco, you may have already spotted this Dragon that is selling for $99. Inside of the Dragon is 750 mL of brandy but the purchase really doesn't have anything to do with the liquor. "Tastes like crap," said one Redditor. The entire contraption comes in a clear display case and to open it, you have to pull out.

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All sales will be made at the price posted on the pumps at each Costco location at the time of purchase. Tire Service Center. Mon-Fri. 10:00am - 8:30pm. Sat. 9:30am - 6:00pm. Sun. 10:00am - 6:00pm. Appointments recommended! Schedule your appointment today at login required). Walk-in-tire-business is welcome.

Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

Raymond Ragnaud XO Cognac. $ 100. Recommended 81 /100. Discover the Kirkland Signature Fine Cognac available at Costco stores. Awardwinning Aged between 12-21 years Find prices .

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Half port and half Brandy! Tie up some winter spices, cloves, cinnamon, cardimom, orange peel in a cheesecloth and let it summer. Add a little Brandy to some sugar.flambee it and let it carmelize. Add it to the Glogg. Toss some raisins in there. Simmer ..bottle and serve hot whenever you like! Be careful.

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Price as of 01/02/23. Please note that the image above is from 2021 since Costco did not have one of these on display this year without the face and tail of the dragon being covered. Costco Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon With Baby . Item number 1121621 . Price $109.99. Costco Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon With Baby ( 2023 ) . Item number 1121621 .


As you can see it comes in this very fancy bottle shaped like a dragon. It's actually really impressive to see the bottle in person & will probably be hard to recycle after finishing it. It is "Emperor Napoleon Brandy XO" & it is 40% alcohol by volume. It is made in France & contains 750ml. Too bad they didn't have one on display.

Costco Emperor Napoleon Dragon XO Brandy France 750ML Costco Fan

Enter: this $99 bottle of brandy that is shaped like a dragon. This absurd but awesome Costco find was spotted by Reddit users and is selling for just about 100 bucks at stores across the country.

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Rate Napoleon 'Dragon' X.O. Brandy. Price History. USA average retail price per 750ml, ex tax USD $ from Apr 2022 to Mar 2024 . Current Product. Napoleon 'Dragon' X.O. Brandy . Benchmark. Not enough similar products to provide a benchmark. Please login or subscribe to PRO.

Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL Costco Fan

Brandy & Cognac. Brandy. Dragon XO Brandy. zoom. tap to enlarge. Dragon XO Brandy 750ml. $134.99 +CRV . We could not find this item at. Share. Product Highlights. France- The ancient Chinese regarded the dragon as the most potent of all symbols of energy and good fortune. They believed it to be the bringer of incredible luck, prosperity.

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