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The rice milling facility was eventually moved to Windsor, Ont., in 1967, home to the Dainty brand and Canada's only rice mill. The actual Dainty brand was created for the "post-war consumer.

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Dainty Foods is Canada's only rice mill, processing rice grown in the United States and other countries. Since mid-March, the plant has been running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week โ€” a major.

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Jasmine, Long & Wild, Basmati. Whatever your recipe is calling for, we've got you covered! Enjoy our easy-to-make, Canadian milled rice.

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Dainty Apron. Organic Basmati. Organic Brown & Wild rice blend. Organic Jasmine. Conditioned parboiled 1.6kg. Royal Long Grain 1.6kg. Kimora Limited Edition medium grain rice. Brown, parboiled wholegrain. Jasmine 1.6kg.

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Put rice, water, and olive oil into a medium-sized pot (uncovered) and bring to a boil. Once rice is boiling, bring down the temperature to medium-low heat and keep the rice at a low boil. Once water is at a low boil, cover and cook for about 20 minutes until water is almost completely absorbed. Add in 8 oz of canned of kidney beans, bay leaf.

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1 cup Dainty Brown rice; 2 cups of Water or Broth (Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, as preferred) 1 tbsp Butter ; 1 tsp of Salt and Pepper (to taste) Preparation. 1. Add the Brown rice and broth into a medium saucepan. 2. Bring the brown rice to a boil, stir the rice to separate the grains, then reduce the heat to low. Cover your rice and simmer 35.

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Dainty, the proudly Canadian rice company, has been sourcing rice from around the globe for over 135 years. Today our goal remains unchanged; we expertly choose a tasteful variety of rices to provide you with an easy to prepare and affordable meal component. Our mission is to foster a simpler life beholding strong values, starting with cooking.

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Rice is VERSATILE. Discover the best rice recipe for every occasion or need; side, stuffing, meal, dessert, even a Mexican summer drink! Explore our Recipes. There are plenty of ways to cook rice, depending on the type of rice you have, on the dish you want make, Here are all our rice cooking tips and tricks.

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A 1980s family pantry staple, this copycat version of the popular and familiar Dainty brand Beef Flavoured Rice will surely invoke all of your warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings! Pin Recipe Save Recipe Print Recipe. Prep Time 5 mins. Cook Time 15 mins. Total Time 20 mins.

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2. Pour the rinsed rice and water, or chicken broth, into the pot. For a larger quantity of rice, keep this proportion in mind: 1 measure of dry rice for 1 1/2 measures of liquid. Also, choose a pot that can hold at least 4 times the amount of rice you are cooking, as the rice grains double in size during cooking.

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The dainty expertise Sourcing top quality rice since 1882. Dainty's business is rice, only rice, for over 135 years. We import, clean and mill rice with a great depth of experience and rice knowledge. We provide CONSUMERS with a wide range of Dainty brand packaged dry rices and an iconic cooked rice product.

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Dainty offers other cooking tips here: https://dainty.ca/tips-tricks-for-rice/

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Dainty was founded as Mount Royal Rice Mills at 5120 St. Patrick street along the Lachine canal in Montreal in 1882. The founder, Robert Reford, had previously established a ship agency business, the Robert Reford Company Limited, in 1866. The rice milling facility was eventually moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1967, when the City of Montreal.

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Dainty Foods, Windsor, Ontario. 7,394 likes ยท 166 talking about this ยท 50 were here. Canada's rice company, feeding Canadian families since 1882 with natural rice. Simple Rice, Simple Life. La.

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While India's rice ban may be keeping rice futures higher than expected, Dainty Rice in Windsor, Ont., says it is hiring, launching new products and is about to embark on a multi-million dollar.

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Dainty, the Canadian rice company, has been sourcing rice for over 135 years. Our goal is to offer a versatile variety of tasteful rices, and show you how to cook rice easily to make simple delicious meals.

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